How to Arrange Winter Planters

The holidays are almost here and there is nothing better than decorating your home. Those decorations don't only have to be on the inside of your house, you can also create welcoming arrangements for the front of your home. This is a great way to welcome your guests. Here are our top 4 tips on how to decorate your outdoor planters for the holidays.

#1 Mix it up!

Make sure you combine evergreens, pinecones, and spruce in your planter. Whatever you choose, try to keep it in groupings of three, to keep the arrangement visually appealing.

#2 Keep it together

We are so used to using potting soil for our planters, however, topsoil is a better choice for your winter planters. It is heavier and will help your stems stay upright.

#3 Be Unique

Make sure you add your own personal touch. Maybe add berries or holly? Even glitter can add that magical touch.

#4 Don't Crack

Make sure you use a metal, concrete or resin plastic container for your planting. Terra cotta planters are likely to crack in the winter elements.

Lastly, step back and enjoy your hard work. Your guests will appreciate that extra touch and your arrangements should last until the spring.