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Troy-Bilt has a new home – Home Hardware
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Riding mowers built to perform when you need and for years to come. So yardwork is less work.
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Reverse sticker shock.

Get more features, more muscle and more comfort than you’d expect for the price.

It’s the perfect fit.

Against a wall. Under a table. Convenient SpaceSavr™ design lets you store your mower in tight spaces and out of your way.
Because of overwhelming demand combined with the situation we’re all experiencing, delivery delays may occur. We are working hard to process your order and deliver your parts and equipment to you as timely as possible. We thank you for your business, and your patience, as we navigate through these tough times together.

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Pollination works by transporting pollen from plant to plant. Bees and other pollinators feed on the nectar produced by these plants, brushing up against the plant’s pollen. When the pollinator moves on to another plant, it takes the pollen with it, effectively transporting it to where it needs to be in order to produce seeds and reproduce. In addition to proper plant nutrition, bees and other beneficial insects — like butterflies and ladybugs —need fresh water to drink. Most can’t land in a bird bath, but creating an oasis for them is simple.

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