Understanding Trimmers

Most people view lawn mowers as the most important product for their yards, but other products like string trimmers are just as vital. Even though these products can't mow the lawn, they do give your yard a well-manicured look.

Trimmers are used to trim the grass in tight spots that a lawn mower can't reach, like along a fence, under decks or near delicate plants and shrubs.

To help determine which type of trimmer is best for your yard needs, it's important to learn about the different types of trimmers available and what features they offer. Use the trimmer buying guides below to help educate yourself on the different types before you make a purchase.

Trimmer Buying Guide

There are two different types of gas string trimmers:

  • 2-Cycle Trimmers ' The 2-cycle trimmer models require the mixing of oil and gas, so you'll need to keep it on hand in a separate fuel container for your string trimmer.

  • 4-Cycle Trimmers ' Larger 4-cycle trimmer models only use gasoline, like your tractor or lawn mower, and don't require the mixing of oil and gas. Oil for lubrication is located in a separate reservoir in the engine.

Trimmers also have different kinds of shafts that are designed to help with various projects around the yard:

  • Curved Shaft Trimmers ' Curved shaft trimmer models like the 2-Cycle Curved Shaft are usually lighter weight and ideal for smaller yards with few shrubs. They are best suited for close trimming around ornamentals and intricate work.

  • Straight Shaft Trimmers ' Straight shaft trimmers like the 4-Cycle Straight Shaft Trimmer are good for larger yards, and reaching under decks and around trees, patios and larger shrubs. For taller users, straight shaft trimmers also tend to be more comfortable to use and can help reduce user fatigue.


Keep in mind that you can also eliminate the need to pull start your trimmer by using an engine starter, like Troy-Bilt's Press2Start', to ensure an easy and reliable start. Simply press the button, remove the adaptor and the string trimmer is ready to go. Press2Start can be used on any Press2Start-capable trimmer, cultivator or blower.