Whose Snow is the Biggest? Snowfall Across Canada

With winter on the way, it's good to know what how much snow you can expect.

We've looked at snowfall averages in major cities across Canada to see how they stack up against each other - and what you can expect to deal with this winter.

Vancouver - No surprise, Vancouver gets the least amount of snow of the major Canadian cities. It averages only nine days and 45 cm of snowfall a year. It might get one or two winter storms, but the rain often washes any snowpack away before long. That said, the further north you go in B.C. (or further into the mountains) the more snow you can expect!

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Calgary - Calgary isn't nearly as lucky as Vancouver. It gets about 54 days and 129 cm of snowfall a year. Most years it gets its first snowfall as early as September or October and often doesn't see the last of the snow until late April or May.

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Toronto - It snows less often in Toronto than in Calgary - 40 days on average - but the city still receives about the same amount of snowfall, with an average of 122 cm. It usually doesn't start snowing until November, but with two to three snow storms a year, when it starts it comes in strong. The solid engineering of a Troy-Bilt two-stage snow thrower will get you through all but the worst weather.

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Ottawa - You may have noticed as we move east that the numbers get bigger and bigger; here's where we start seeing the heavy hitters. Ottawa may only be 354 km from Toronto, but it gets 52 days of snow, 3-4 storms and 175 cm of snowfall a year on average. You'll need a heavy-duty snow thrower to handle all that snowfall.

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Montreal - Montreal's reputation as a chilly city is upheld by the stats: it can get 59 days of snow, five to six storms and 210 cm of snowfall a year. Combine that with high winds and especially frigid temperatures in January-February and you have a recipe for some truly bitter mornings! Get the Troy-Bilt Vortex 30' Three-Stage Snow Thrower to make your job easier.

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St. John's, NFLD - With about 79 days of snow, nine storms and a whopping 335cm of snowfall a year on average, St. John's wins the award as the snowiest city in Canada. If you live there your snow thrower is probably the most important machine in your garage.

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2018 prediction - Don't get lulled into a false sense of security with the recent mild weather. Forecasters predict many areas of the country will feel winter's bite in January and February. Be prepared! Get your Troy-Bilt snow thrower now so you're ready when that first storm hits. Don't forget the bonus points you'll win for clearing your neighbour's driveways too!