Top 4 Fun Activities for Kids in the Snow

Just because it is the winter doesn't mean you can't get outside with the kids and enjoy the outdoors. Here are, our top 5 winter activities for the season:

Pinecone Bird Feeders

Go on a nature walk and collect pinecones along the way. When you get home spread lard over the pinecones and sprinkle birdseed so that it sticks to the pinecone. Tie, string to the pinecone and try and hang the pinecone so that it touches the ground. This will make it easier for small animals and birds to feed, they can sit or stand while enjoying the yummy treat you have made for them.

Upside down Snowman

A twist on the original idea but there is nothing better than building a snowman! Make sure you choose the right snow, we recommend packing snow. Then stack three piles together with the larger one on top. Once your snowman has been put together, get creative with it! Use old buttons, old mittens, and hats and have fun! Creating an upside-down snowman will be sure to catch the attention of your neighbours and will be sure to make the kids smile as you take this fun but goofy approach.

Snow Ice Cream

Make a batch of delicious vanilla snow ice cream! In a large bowl mix the following ingredients.

- 8 cups of fresh white snow
- 1 can, 300 mL of sweetened condensed milk
- 1 tsp vanilla extract

1. Scoop clean, fresh snow into a large bowl
2. Sprinkle vanilla over snow
3. Drizzle condensed milk over it
4. Fold all ingredients together
5. Scoop into a bowl and enjoy!


Have the kids collect twigs and pinecones around the yard. In the meantime, you can press the snow and create a flat even surface. Then take a stick and create a tic-tac-tow snow board. The kids can then use the twigs they have collected into 'X's' and use the pinecones for 'O's'.