Are you the Neighbourhood Hero?

If this year's winter is anything like the last we're in for a lot of snow. So far the white stuff's been scarce, but you can bet it will come (it always does). For those of you lucky enough to own a Troy-Bilt snow thrower, we salute you; they're wonderful machines built to make snowy mornings a bit less painful.

This year when the snow comes and you've cleared your driveway for the first time, take a moment to stand back and enjoy your work. Everything will look and feel right: you'll be proud of the clean edges where your snow thrower passed; the snow piles to either side of your drive will look clean and even; all of it will feel good.

When you're done admiring your handiwork consider this challenge: re-start your snow thrower, aim it in the direction of the rest of your neighbourhood and help someone out. Clear the back lane. Tidy up someone's walkway. Help your mom get out of the driveway. Whatever you do, make it positive.

Not everyone is lucky enough to own a snow thrower, or they're not strong or well enough to use one. If you can swing it, why not become the Hero of the Neighbourhood and use your Troy-Bilt snow thrower for good? It makes for a nice story, and we guarantee it'll make you and someone else feel great.