KITCHENER, Ont., June 6, 2019 – Troy-Bilt®, a leading manufacturer of outdoor power and lawn care equipment, has launched two versions of an Alexa skill nationwide. Amazon Alexa users will be able to hear interesting facts, and tips related to their lawn, garden and outdoor equipment.

Titled ‘Ask Troy-Bilt,’ and “Ask Troy-Bilt Flash Briefing,” the skills will be available for free to anyone with an Amazon Alexa device such as the Echo Dot, Amazon Echo or the Echo spot.

Ask Troy-Bilt and Ask Troy-Bilt Flash Briefing are designed to provide users with gardening facts that will be both educational and entertaining through their daily Alexa briefing or by request through Alexa. Content may include ‘did you know’ and historical facts related to gardening, as well as practical lawn, garden and equipment tips.

In addition to providing the garden fact of the day, the Ask Troy-Bilt and Ask Troy-Bilt Flash Briefing skills have been designed to customize the fact according to the season, ie. Spring facts for the spring.

How it Works:

Ask Troy enables customers to make the most out of their lawn and garden by sharing tips and facts in a quick and simple manner.

  • Users can simply enable the Ask Troy-Bilt and/or the Ask Troy-Bilt Flash Briefing skill using their Alexa app
  • Users can either activate the Ask Troy skill with a selection of prompts such as “Alexa, Ask Troy to tell me a garden fact” or receive their fact through their daily briefing pending which skill they’ve enabled
  • Alexa will respond with an interesting or educational garden fact such as “Did you know that watermelons are actually vegetables and are related to squash, cucumbers and pumpkins? Would you like to hear another?”

Both the Ask Troy-Bilt custom skill and the Ask Troy-Bilt Flash Briefing skill are available for download in the Alexa store now.


Since 1937, Troy-Bit has manufactured rugged, reliable outdoor power equipment with their customers in mind.
The company’s award-winning product line includes top-quality tractors, mowers, tillers, cultivators, trimmers, snow blowers and other outdoor power tools.
Built for Canadians and supported by Canadians, each machine is built to last and backed by their Canadian Advantage which offers equipment that is engineered and tested in Canada, easy-to-find replacement parts, bilingual customer service and a network of 1,100 Service Dealers nationwide.
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