Leaf Removal Tips and Equipment

Leaf Removal Tips and Equipment

Leaves may paint a pretty picture as they hang on trees but when they fall, it's an entirely different story. Keep your lawn looking clean and beautiful throughout the fall season with these leaf removal tips and equipment recommendations.

Leaf Blower

A leaf blower is an easy tool to use and a quick way to clear your yard. The Troy-Bilt TB4HB EC Gas Leaf Blower helps move all your debris to one place for a fast and worry-free cleanup. Before you begin, make sure leaves are dry and wind is at a bare minimum to ensure an easy removal process. When it comes to leaf blowing techniques, it is best to either blow all leaves toward the center of your yard, creating one big pile, or start at the edge of your lawn and blow leaves in the same direction. If you need help deciding which blower is right for your yard, take a look at these videos. 

Rake if you have a smaller yard, or if you don't accumulate a surplus of leaves, opt for one of the most traditional ways of removing leaves. Rake leaves into piles around your yard and bag when finished. If you have a wooded area next to your yard or another nearby place where you can dispose of leaves, you can also rake leaves onto a tarp, so you can easily drag and dump the leaves. 

When selecting a rake, consider an ergonomic one to help reduce back pain often caused by repetitive motion. If you're frustrated with leaves building up in your rake tines, look for a clog-free rake, which allows you to get the job done without the hassle of pulling leaves from tines.


If a light blanket of leaves covers your yard, or if you have a mulching mower, simply mow your lawn until leaves are finely chopped and leave them on your lawn. The nutrients and organic matter absorbed into the ground from the mulched leaves will help your lawn survive the winter months and contribute to its overall strength and growth in the spring. 

Mulching is also great for preventing weeds and stopping erosion and compaction. Keep in mind, mulching should be done often and at slow speeds. In addition, make sure not to use a mulching mower when your lawn is heavily covered in leaves. This will cause problems for your mower when the leaves blow up over the front of the deck.

Chipper Shredder Vac

A chipper shredder vac provides an all-in-one approach to leaf removal, with capabilities to vacuum up, shred and bag leaves in a single, easy step. The Troy-Bilt CSV 060 Push Chipper Shredder Vac includes an on-board vacuum hose to help get into those tight spots in the yard and beneath shrubs. 

After shredding leaves, you can also compost them by putting them in a pile or a composting bin. Then, mix in a source of nitrogen, such as grass clippings, to speed up the decomposition process. Keep the leaves damp and turn them every few weeks. When your homemade compost is ready, you can use it to fertilize your soil. 

With so many leaf removal options and equipment choices, there's no doubt you can keep your yard looking well-maintained and beautiful during any season.