How to Store Your Troy-Bilt Walk Behind Mower in the Off Season

This video will show you how to prepare the Troy-Bilt walk behind mower for off season storage. Depending on your model, the instructions in this video may vary slightly. Always be sure to check your operator's manual for detailed instructions.


Step 1
Be sure the mower is on a flat level surface. Turn the engine off and make sure it is cool. Disconnect the spark plug ignition wire.

Step 2
Replace the spark plug.

Step 3
Replace worn or damaged spark plug. Check the old spark plug or your operator's manual for the correct part number.

Step 4
Change the oil.

Step 5
Remove the dip stick. Then using the Arnold Siphon Pump, place the top tube into the dip stick hole on the engine, and the bottom tube into the oil pan.

Step 6
Prime the pump by pumping the handle three to four times. Once the oil begins to flow, it will flow without further pumping.

Step 7
Remove the Arnold Siphon Pump.

Step 8
Add new oil as instructed in your operator's manual.

Step 9
Replace the dip stick. Wait several minutes, then use the dip stick to check the oil level.

Step 10
Release the tabs to remove the air filter cover and remove the old filter.

Step 11
Replace with a new filter.

Step 12
Replace the cover and secure it to the mower.

Step 13
Clean the undercarriage. Inspect and replace the mower blade.

Step 14
Tilt the mower on its side with the air filter facing up. Clean the undercarriage of dirt, grass clippings and other objects that may have become lodged there.

Step 15
Wearing gloves for protection, inspect your blade for wear or damage.

Step 16
Use the Arnold Blade Removal Tool to hold the blade in place. Then, using a socket, loosen the bolt securing the cutting blade to the engine drive shaft.

Step 17
Remove the blade.

Step 18
Assemble the new blade and blade adaptor on the engine crankshaft and tighten the bolt to the proper torque as indicated in your operator's manual.

Step 19
If your blade only needs sharpening, use the Arnold Blade Sharpener and Balancer Kit.

Step 20
Remove the Arnold Blade Removal Tool.

Step 21
Check the mower for any other broken on worn parts including the belt cover, belts, discharge chute, bag, mulch plug, and tires.

Step 22
Replace any of these worn or broken parts with the correct replacement parts as noted in your operator's manual.

Step 23
Finally, add a fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank to prevent fuel from spoiling while the mower is not in use.