Creating a Pollinator Container Garden

Creating a Pollinator Container Garden

Do you want to support pollinators, but don’t have the yard space for a large, in-ground garden? The great thing about pollinator gardens is that every little bit helps, so creating a pollinator container garden is a great alternative.

Why Plant a Pollinator Container Garden

There are a lot of benefits to container gardens.

  • They allow you to enjoy gardening within a smaller space.
  • They can be placed in areas that get sun but wouldn’t accommodate an in-ground garden.
  • They are easy to maintain, weed, and water.
  • Pollinators will appreciate any space you give them to stop, rest and find something to eat.
  • Container gardens can act as connected habitat corridors.
  • Including plants that pollinators love on a balcony garden will entice pollinators to visit higher locations and contribute to a good crop.

How to Create a Pollinator Container Garden

While container gardens are often easy to maintain, they might need some work in the initial stages. Since pollinators do not do well with areas that have high winds, your rooftop or balcony garden may require a windbreak. This could be done with trellis, screen, or native shrubs.

If your pollinator garden will be located in the shade, choose plants that support pollinators but also do well with less sun.

Use a variety of plants to create a living bouquet in your container garden. Not only will this strategy give you a stunning garden to enjoy, but it also gives pollinators a variety of food sources. If you are able to mix together plants that have different flowering times that will be even better.

The difference between a regular container garden and a pollinator container garden is minimal; it really just comes down to the plants you decide to include. To help you support pollinators, we’ve created a list of plants that work well in containers and that pollinators will love.

Plants to Consider for your Pollinator Container Garden


Solomon’s Seal
Foam Flower


Blue Wild Indigo
Bowman’s Root



Remember to choose a mix of plants that bloom in different seasons. If you think an in-ground garden would be your preference check out our article about picking the right location for your pollinator garden.