What Is the Best Time of Day to Cut Grass?

What Is the Best Time of Day to Cut Grass?

Cutting the grass is one of the most routine jobs you complete in the yard during the warm seasons. Not only does regular mowing help ensure a strong root system, it can also encourage more growth and create better tolerance for drought-like conditions.
But is there an optimal time of day you should cut the grass to maintain a lush, healthy lawn?

The Best Times to Mow

Mid-morning tends to be the best time of day for mowing. It allows enough time for dew to dry while avoiding the hottest time of day.
You can also opt to mow during the late afternoon, as it also avoids the main heat of the day, but gives time for your grass to recover before night when fungus and diseases can take hold.

The Worst Times to Mow

It's recommended to avoid mowing in the early morning and midday. Even though heat and humidity is typically reduced at daybreak, morning dew can cause grass to clump and clog your mower; cutting during midday can accelerate moisture loss and weaken your lawn.
Regardless of when you cut the grass, make sure your mower blades are sharp and in good condition to deliver the cleanest cut to your lawn. Also be mindful of the cutting height of your mower, as cutting your lawn too short can expose new grass shoots to direct sun and deter growth.

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