Gas-Powered Log Splitters

Are you ready for fall? Troy-Bilt® log splitters have you covered. Fall cleanup doesn't have to be a chore. You can breeze through your yardwork with our hardworking log splitters. Watch the video below to learn more.

  • Rugged. Our log splitters are powered by gas engines with enough ram force to slice through large, dense logs in far less time than an axe or electric log splitter.
  • Fast. Our TB 27 LS model can split a log every 19 seconds and the TB 33 LS can split one every 15 seconds, making these units exceptionally quick.
  • Versatile. Both units can operate in either a vertical or horizontal position, giving you more flexibility to work the way you want. Their balanced design requires little effort when switching between positions.
  • Portable. Our log splitters feature 2-inch tow hitches and Department of Transportation-approved tires, which means you can haul these machines at up to 45 mph to tackle your work wherever it lies.