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Although tillers and cultivators are often thought of as the same thing, they are two very different pieces of equipment. Learn the difference between cultivators and tillers with help from Troy-Bilt.

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earn how to start a micro garden with this simple, step-by-step guide from the experts at Troy-Bilt.

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Improper off-season storage practices can wreak havoc on your unit. Make sure your Troy-Bilt garden tiller is ready for spring use with our garden tiller spring tune-up checklist.

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Learn how to amend clay soil and turn it into a mixture plants thrive in with these helpful tips on amending clay soil from Troy-Bilt.

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Add some personality to your garden with these DIY garden stake ideas from Troy-Bilt.

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Tilling is a good way to amend and enrich your garden soil. Use these tilling do’s and don'ts to help get your beds back in shape.

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This handy chart will show you how frequently you should be performing basic maintenance tasks on your Troy-Bilt garden tiller.

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Discover how to naturally eliminate weeds without exposing yourself, pets and other yard foliage to toxic herbicides, pesticides and fungicides.

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Learn how to grow green beans with these helpful tips on how to plant green beans from Troy-Bilt.

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