Entretien de pelouse

Une finition impeccable

Nos appareils pour l’entretien de pelouse s’occuperont de la finition de votre pelouse.

Voir notre gamme d’appareil d’entretien de jardin


Troy-Bilt String Trimmer

Nos fiables coupe-herbe tailleront volontiers autour des platebandes et aux endroits difficiles d'accès pour les tondeuses.

man trimmer grass by the bottom of stone steps

Souffleurs à feuilles

Troy-Bilt® met à votre disposition une gamme complète de souffleurs à feuilles portatifs, électriques ou à essence, pour déblayer votre pelouse.

man using backpack leaf blower to blow leaves off lawn


Troy-Bilt Edger

Nos coupe-bordures à essence sont les outils idéaux pour donner une finition parfaite à vos bordures.

Have a question? Just Ask Troy. Simple answers to your questions in the yard.

In anticipation of the upcoming season, get your leaf blower ready with these maintenance tips so you’re ready for fall.

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Make sure to regularly change the oil on your edger. Follow these steps to do it at home!

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Introducing the Click N Trim™ trimmer head, a new line feed option by Troy-Bilt. This video shows how to install new line in this easy-to-use trimmer attachment.

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Do you know the difference between a string trimmer and lawn edger? Before you purchase a trimmer or edger this year, read Troy-Bilt’s guide outlining the key differences and uses for string trimmers and lawn edgers.

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Turn any attachment capable Troy-Bilt string trimmer into a variety of tools with affordable Trimmer Plus attachments. Learn more about how Troy-Bilt's line of Trimmer Plus trimmer attachments help you accomplish more tasks with one piece of equipment.

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Introducing JumpStart™ power start technology, a new electric engine starter by Troy-Bilt. This video shows how to start your equipment with the push of a button with this easy-to-use accessory.

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String trimmers allow homeowners to give their yards a well-manicured look. Get your trimmer ready for the season with this tune-up check-list from Troy-Bilt.

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The new Troy-Bilt 4-cycle string trimmer was engineered from the ground up to be easy to start and maintain. And, you still don't have to mix oil and gas with our 4-stroke engine technology.

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The new Troy-Bilt 4-cycle string trimmer was designed and built with a focus on the user, making sure it's the most easy to start and use trimmer we could build.

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Perfect your edging, trimming and tapering techniques with these string trimmer tips.

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