3 Ways to Manicure Your Garden

3 Ways to Manicure Your Garden

The prime gardening and growing season is now in full swing as plants are reaching full size, flowering and producing fruit. However, that doesn't mean your time in the garden is finished. Now it's time to perform the small jobs that make your garden and flowers look their best.

Deliver a manicured look to your garden by making sure these three upkeeping and garden maintenance tasks are on your to-do list, so you can keep your garden in tiptop shape all season long.

Edge Your Beds.

Spotlight your flowers and shrubs by using an edger, like the TB516 EC Gas Lawn Edger, to edge garden beds and along your driveway and walkways for a clean, fresh look. A nicely manicured lawn perfectly accentuates your beautifully maintained garden and landscaping.

Weeds Be Gone.

Nothing is more frustrating than weeds crowding your petunias. The secret to weed control is to weed well before you plant, and maintain your garden with a regular weeding schedule throughout the season. Don't stress if you get behind on weeding early this season because each and every year you make it a priority, you will see fewer and fewer weeds grow in your garden.

Mulch Away.

Mulching adds aesthetic value and a finished look to flower beds. Typically, mulch is available in several colors like black, brown or red. Adding a thick layer of mulch keeps the soil cool and minimizes weed growth. If you notice certain areas getting low, sprinkle some extra mulch to fill in those spots throughout the season.