DIY Garden Stakes

DIY Garden Stakes

Organizing your garden can be tough to do - especially if you have an abundance of flowers, vegetables or herbs planted in one space. Simple, but effective, labeling of plants keep your garden organized and personalized. Increasingly, gardeners are incorporating their personal style into their gardens by creating DIY garden stakes.

Whether you are continuing with a theme or getting creative with objects found around your home, your DIY garden stakes will give a new look to your plants. Add a little uniqueness to your garden this season with these DIY garden stake ideas.

Kitchen Inspiration

When determining what materials you'll be using for your garden stakes, look no further than the kitchen. Add a vintage look to your garden by using a letter stamp to engrave words into wooden spoons. They are easy to decorate and can withstand any weather condition. You can also get good use from your old wine corks by labeling them with a marker and using a fork as the "stake" that holds the label in place.


Save money and make use of the objects found in the yard - like twigs - to label your crops. To do this, use a vegetable peeler to smooth a flat surface on one end of a sturdy twig. You can then use the cleared space to write the names of plants with permanent marker. For a more weather-tolerant solution, decorate flat pebbles or stones using spray paint. This is an easy, cost-effective project that even the kids can help create.

Creative Objects

Don't limit your creativity by sticking to traditional plant labels. You'll find that regular household objects make great garden stakes. Try using the keys of an old keyboard, or the lid to a container or can. Chalkboard spray is also a good tool that can turn any object into a useful garden label.

No matter the source of your inspiration, be sure to consider the weather conditions in your area before choosing material to create your garden stake. Weather-tolerant materials include plastic, clay, glass, metal and wood.