Niki Jabbour’s 30” Compact/Small Lawn Rider Review

Spending less time mowing and more time enjoying our outdoor spaces is particularly challenging for those of us with medium-sized yards. They take a relatively long time to mow with a walk-behind mower but aren’t quite big enough to justify the expense and space needed for a full-size lawn tractor. So, what’s the solution?

A small, compact riding lawn mower may be just right for you. These riders sit between a wide area walk-behind mower and full-size lawn tractor. Not too small, not too big, easy to drive, easy to store and built just for you and your three-quarter to full-acre yard.

Never heard of them? Different manufacturers call these types of machines by different names. Garden tractors, neighbourhood riders, mini-lawn tractors – no matter what you call them, compact riding mowers are the perfect in-between mower. Here’s why:

Easy to store
Depending on space available to you, it may be difficult to store larger lawn tractors during the off season. While larger cutting decks allow for faster mows, larger riding mowers also tend to be much wider. Troy-Bilt’s compact mini-rider strikes the perfect balance between coverage and storage. Easy to park in your garage or shed, it won’t take up nearly as much space and is easier to live with throughout the year.

Easy to maneuver
A small or compact riding mower is also perfect for maneuvering through tight spaces. A compact riding mower like our Neighbourhood Rider is perfect for yards with narrow access between front, back and side yards.

Easy Operation
Getting a compact riding mower doesn’t mean giving up features. Especially with the Troy-Bilt Mini-Rider, you will still get a powerful Briggs & Stratton engine, high-back seat for maximum comfort, a steering wheel for easy control and even a cup holder for your drink!

Save time & energy
A compact riding mower is a perfect alternative to self-propelled or wide-area mowers. For yards that are just a bit too big for your push mower, a small and nimble riding mower is exactly what you need to save time and energy, spend as much time as possible enjoying the final result this summer.

Want to see it in action? Here is Nikki Jabbour unboxing and taking our compact riding mower for a spin: