How to Choose a Snow Thrower

Whether you get light snowfalls, more than a foot of heavy, wet snow, or if you get it worse than anyone else, there's a Troy-Bilt snow thrower to clear the way. Here, you'll learn about the differences between each category of snow throwers and what type of features you might want. 

Single-Stage, Two-Stage and Three-Stage Snow Throwers

Single-Stage snow throwers are designed to handle 3-9 inches of light, powdery snow.The auger paddle pulls snow into the unit and propels it up and out of the chute in one motion, hence the name single-stage.  Because of the auger paddle design, single-stage snow throwers wipe the ground clean, leaving very little snow behind. Single-stage snow thrower units are also designed for solid pavement only.
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Two-Stage snow throwers are designed to handle deep, heavy and wet snow.  These units use two stages to throw snow. First, the auger breaks up snow and ice, pulling it into the unit.  Then, an impeller throws the snow up and out of the chute.  Two-stage snow throwers also come equipped with skid shoes, which lift the auger up high enough to avoid picking up gravel - making them ideal for clearing a variety of surfaces.
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Three-Stage snow throwers are designed to take snow- and ice-crunching to another level with their third-stage accelerator.  The accelerator moves 10x faster than the augers to break up heavy, wet and icy snow and drive it back to the impellers, then out of the chute faster than our similar-sized two-stage units. The three-stage snow thrower units feature a heavy duty, fully sealed gearbox and larger, more powerful engines.
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Chute Controls
Troy-Bilt snow throwers come with a variety of chute controls, which allow you to quickly and easily change the direction in which you throw the snow.  One of these controls, the EZ Chute control,is mounted directly on the chute. Others are controlled remotely from the operator's position and make it easier to adjust the chute without stopping. Just One Touch' electric 4-way chute control gives you the ability to control both chute rotation and pitch with just your thumb. The joystick is conveniently located next to the handle grip so you can adjust the chute without even moving your hand. Other control options include the 2-way joystick, remote crank and 4-way joystick. 2-way controls let you adjust the chute direction from side to side, while 4-way controls rotate the chute from side to side and varies the pitch up and down.

Self-Propelled Snow Throwers
When trying to clear large amounts of heavy snow, it's helpful to have a snow thrower that does all the pushing for you. Self-propelled drive is available on all Troy-Bilt two-stage snow throwers and has multiple speeds in forward and reverse. This feature pushes the snow thrower along, eliminating the need for you to push.  It also allows you to easily control and steer the unit and helps it power through big snow drifts by digging into hard-packed snow and ice.

Power Steering
Power steering is another feature that makes clearing snow easier. When you reach the end of your driveway and need to turn around, this system allows you to change the direction of the unit at a comfortable speed without any extra effort required. Power steering is usually controlled by two easy-to-use triggers, located on the hand grips. Simply squeeze one of the triggers and the unit will turn in that direction.